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Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Serving New Jersey's Children and Their Families Since 1983

The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is New Jersey’s oldest free, in-home, counseling and support agency. ECF provides services to any New Jersey family whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.

ECF’s three pillars of support include:

In-home professional counseling – the hallmark of our program
Recognizing the emotional toll a diagnosis like pediatric cancer can take on the family, ECF’s professional Caseworkers are focused on maintaining the emotional balance of the family unit. Caseworkers provide counseling and emotional support for the entire family and can help siblings, and others in the family understand what they need to know about cancer – in terms they can understand.

Material assistance – the centerpiece for many families
This second pillar of our program is accomplished through our four Regional Centers where Regional Directors work with volunteers to collect and distribute donated groceries, toys, clothing, and household items as needed. Contributions from corporations, local businesses, families and civic associations help us to continue to make a difference and help to preserve the families’ quality of life.

Financial Aid – a critical resource for those in crisis
Emergency funds are available for ECF families who find themselves in a financial crisis. These Funds help with basic services that a family needs to survive, such as rent or utilities. Sometimes, these funds reimburse the family for meals while they were in the hospital with their child. Tragically, in some incidents, funds are available for families who are unable to meet the high costs of memorial services.